CEVG Stats

Invested in 21 companies through over 80 rounds of investment, with 14 partners and 4 affiliate members.

Our portfolio companies are seeing explosive growth in revenues. From 2013 to 2014, the average growth is 10x, and median growth is 3x.

A stat saying that 300,000 tons of carbon emissions have been avoided.

Over 300,000 tons of carbon emissions avoided from just five reporting companies.

Our portfolio companies employ over 1,100 people with an average (and most common) company size of 23 people.

A stat saying 50+ Institutional Co-investors

Virtually all of our deals are syndicated with venture funds, strategic partners, other angel groups, family offices, or other investment organizations. We have co-invested with over 50 institutions, and with more than 10 of them, more than once.

A stat saying 450 million + of financing to our portfolio companies.

We usually invest in the first institutional investment round for our portfolio companies, and though our investment amount per round is almost always under $1M, those companies typically raise additional funds in subsequent rounds. Others have made equity investments of over $350M in our portfolio companies, in addition to over $100M of non-dilutive loans and grants.

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