See our Frequently Asked Questions for additional explanation and context on how to answer the following questions.

1Contact Information

2Once your product or service is being sold at scale, for every ‘unit’ sold:

Please provide a value for at least one of the following two questions. You are welcome to provide both if your product or service reduces emissions in multiple ways.
More infoProvide a value here if your product can reduce grid-generated electricity. For example, through energy efficiency or carbon-free electricity production. And please take into account second order effects.
kWhs per year
More infoProvide a value here if your product can reduce CO2 or other GHG emissions in addition to, or instead of, reducing kWhs. For example, by reducing transportation emissions. And please take into account second order effects.
Tons of CO2 (or equivalent)

3After a single unit is deployed or sold, how many years will it provide the same level of impact for?

For example, enter 0.5 if a single unit is in operation for 6 months; enter 20 if a unit will be in operation for 20 years.

4How many units per year will you sell at scale?

How many of the ‘units’ described above will your company cause to be deployed per year at the point of maximum adoption? The point of maximum adoption could possibly occur after your company has been acquired by a company capable of scaling your product or service globally. See the FAQ for more detail. Please answer only one of the following questions:
More infoPlease enter the number of units sold that will be deployed in a single year.
Units per year
More infoE.g. if you have a product that makes EVs easier to sell, how many more EVs will be sold due to your product than would have been sold otherwise?
Additional units

5How many years between now and the expected point of maximum adoption?

For example, If it is 2021 now and the expected year of maximum adoption is 2035, enter 14.

6How do you define a 'unit' and how did you determine what the kWh and/or CO2 emissions savings are?

If your innovation changes a behavior, please describe how much CO2 was emitted before the change, how your innovation changes the behavior, and how much less CO2 is emitted with your innovation. Please feel free to include and describe multiple types of impact, second order effects, or any other important factors that determined your responses. If you are unable to provide this information, please explain why.

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