About CEVG

Formed in 2005, the Clean Energy Venture Group is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs, executives and investment professionals with deep experience in the areas of energy, environmental and sustainability.

CEVG partners believe that investing in clean energy and sustainable technologies and business execution models could provide very attractive risk-adjusted returns as well as contribute toward mitigating climate disruption. This serves as our strategic imperative for investments, which we typically make at the seed or early stage of a company’s evolution. Members provide hands-on management support and mentoring to our portfolio companies. With each investment, we not only bring capital, but also the value of our experience and network to help companies achieve their goals. We typically invest alongside other angel groups, individual investors and venture capital firms and take a collaborative approach to investing.

Our focus is New England, but we occasionally invest in companies located in other areas. To date, CEVG members have invested in over 55 clean energy companies, amounting to over 100 distinct rounds including follow-on investments. The group has had several successful exits. CEVG partners are deeply committed to and involved in the clean energy ecosystem in the Northeast and members serve on boards and as advisors to organizations promoting investment and policy changes in support of the clean energy and sustainability sectors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to invest in and support early stage clean energy companies that have the potential to mitigate climate change and achieve attractive financial returns. We collaborate with entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in an atmosphere of mutual respect, intellectual curiosity and analytical rigor.

CEVG’s Core Values

  • Climate change is one of the most serious challenges facing our society this century, and we have a shared responsibility to help mitigate its impact.
  • To maximize environmental and financial impact, early stage companies must be scalable in a commercially viable manner.
  • Outstanding leadership is the most critical element of any organization and we believe that the best leaders embody a strong sense of purpose, intellectual rigor, absolute integrity, respect for others, and personal accountability.
  • We believe in entrepreneurship and business success as powerful drivers of progress toward a clean energy future.
  • Our Partners: Clean Energy Ventures

    Clean Energy Ventures

    Clean Energy Ventures is the sister organization to the Clean Energy Venture Group. Clean Energy Ventures (CEV) is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage advanced energy technologies and business model innovations that are ready to be scaled and commercialized to address global climate risks. Founded in 2017, CEV is currently managing its first $110M venture fund and typically leads first round investments.

    CEVG and CEV support each other in sourcing, scouting and diligencing deals. We often co-invest. Learn more at cleanenergyventures.com.

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