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Current Companies

Green Portfolio

GreenPortfolio is democratizing climate data so millennials can align financial choices with their values and avoid greenwashing. Their proprietary algorithm calculates the climate impact of a person’s investments, bank accounts, and spending habits while recommending alternative green financial products that millennials will love having in their wallets. Learn more at GreenPortfolio.com.

Green Portfolio


60Hertz Energy is the only offline-first Social Impact CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) for remote assets and teams. 60Hertz is innovative because of[its focus on emerging markets, serving users without strong reading skills, and for use in rural/remote settings with limited bandwidth. Learn more at 60hertzenergy.com.

60 Hertz Energy

Bluedot Photonics

BlueDot Photonics is accelerating the deployment of next-generation solar technology by developing simple, cost-effective solutions to improve solar panel performance. BlueDot is based in Seattle, WA and is a spin-out of the University of Washington. For more information, visit bluedotphotonics.com.


ndustrial delivers software and services that enable industrial companies to gain deeper insights into their business, actively optimize systems and drive efficiency at scale. ndustrial was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information, visit www.ndustrial.io.

ndustrial logo


Volexion is a battery technology company working to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries globally. Volexion’s proprietary graphene coating for lithium-ion battery cathodes dramatically improves energy and power density while reducing costs. Volexion was founded by Prof. Mark Hersam, Director of the Northwestern University Materials Research Center and a MacArthur Fellow, who discovered that coating battery cathodes with graphene can improve battery performance. Volexion was formed in 2018 to explore the commercialization of this solution. Learn more at volexion-inc.com.

Nth Cycle

Nth Cycle is a metal processing technology company. We work with battery recyclers and miners to recover production-grade critical minerals from separated e-waste and low-grade mine tailings. Our electro-extraction technology—an alternative to hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy—enables customizable, clean and consistent recovery of the critical minerals for the energy transition. Learn more at nthcycle.com.

Nth Cycle Logo


ClearTrace is building a truly connected energy world through technology that empowers trust, transparency, and security. They turn energy production and consumption information into data rich, digital energy assets that represent the true value and carbon intensity of every electron you produce and/or consume.
Their cloud-based SaaS solution enables stakeholders to track, trace, match and manage their clean energy footprint while simplifying data-driven attestation of sustainability goals and mandates. This is the future of carbon and climate accounting. Cleartrace.io


ConnectDER gets solar, EVs, and energy storage quickly on the home and working seamlessly with the grid through their innovative meter collar technology. ConnectDER products are designed for utilities seeking to monitor and manage residential distributed energy resources (DERs) while improving and standardizing the DER interconnection process. For electric utilities, meter collars enable load unmasking, detailed remote monitoring, and more. For solar installers, our meter collars reduce costs, minimize logistics, and improve safety. For homeowners, we reduce the cost of getting solar, EV charging, and energy storage on the home. We also remove the need for extra electrical boxes on the side of your house. Connectder.com


Rebound Technologies

Rebound Technologies provides agile cooling for optimized operations to cold chain supply chains with an innovative freezing technology, IcePoint. The technology maintains production line speed and blast cycle times regardless of product, packaging, or pallet characteristics; eliminates evaporator frost-up by controlling moisture levels in freezers; and, increases blast cell throughput by deploying on-demand sub-cooling that mitigates flash gas and maintains refrigerant set points. Rebound-tech.com.

ClearFlame Engine Technologies

ClearFlame Engine Technologies is taking the diesel fuel out of the diesel engine for heavy-duty industries. Their disruptive, patented engine technology maintains all the rugged performance and practicality of traditional diesel engines that end users expect while completely replacing petroleum-based diesel fuel with decarbonized liquid fuels—nearly eliminating all criteria pollutants and emissions. ClearFlame offers a rapid pathway to widespread emissions reduction for heavy-duty industries by leveraging existing production capacity and infrastructures. Clearflameengines.com

7AC Technologies

7AC Technologies is developing ultra high efficiency air conditioning systems that use up to 70% less electricity compared to conventional HVAC technologies. The liquid desiccant and membrane based air conditioning system is targeted to achieve substantial energy savings by replacing existing rooftop HVAC systems on commercial and industrial buildings.  7actech.com


SunDensity produces their patented Photonic Smart Coatings (PSC™) for utility solar power producers who need to reduce the cost of energy. Their nano-optical coating improves solar output by 20% more than other coatings for solar panels thus propelling solar energy adoption into the next generation of clean power. Learn more at SunDensity.net

SunDensity Logo

Aqua Membranes

For membrane element manufacturers and users who want the lowest life cycle cost, Aqua Membranes provides a differentiated solution in membrane element construction that doesn’t exist in today’s market.  Aqua Membranes is revolutionizing membrane filtration with our unique, patented 3D Printed Spacer Technology®.  This cutting edge technology dramatically reduces capital and operational costs by improving the efficiency of spiral wound membranes and minimizing fouling potential. Learn more at Aquamembranes.com

Aqua Membranes Logo

Autonomous Marine Systems, Inc.

Autonomous Marine Systems Inc. produces wind and solar powered robotic boats that collect data from the oceans at low cost with zero emissions.  These AMS sailing drones can replace the expensive, petroleum powered ships doing this data collection today. Applications include acoustic data retrieval, weather monitoring, fisheries management, and climate modeling. automarinesys.com


Bevi makes machines that purify and enrich water directly from the tap. Their first product is a water cooler for offices that lets users instantly create sparkling, flavored, and vitamin-enhanced drinks. By providing a variety of options directly on demand (without bottles), Bevi uses far less plastic and energy than traditional water delivery companies. bevi.co

Boston Materials

Supercomposites provide drastic improvements in mechanical, thermal, and electrical performance over commercially-available carbon fiber composites. They enable the construction of drastically lighter, yet stronger, components to accelerate breakthroughs in the energy and transportation sectors, while saving manufacturers time and costs.

Boston Materials’ Supercomposites can enable the reduction of over 100M tons of GHGs from the light weighting of air transportation alone.   They also can utilize up to 50% reclaimed/recycled fibers, demonstrating the first instance of “upcycling” in the carbon fiber value chain. Together, the performance and lifecycle enhancements of Supercomposites can redefine the state-of-the-art in composite materials.  bostonmaterials.co

Boston Materials

CIMCON Lighting

CIMCON Lighting, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial strength “Internet of Lights” that enables 30% energy savings and over 50% reduction in maintenance and repair costs associated with outdoor lighting. With over a billion light points, and less than 1% connected, it is CIMCON Lighting’s mission to provide intelligent lighting controls that leverage the advances made in the “internet of things” (IoT) to provide solutions that improve the quality and reliability of outdoor lighting. cimconlighting.com

Energetic Insurance

Energetic Insurance offers EneRate, a credit cover solar insurance product for 3rd party C&I solar developers and asset owners to cover offtaker repayment risk as well as lost revenue from projects where offtakers have defaulted on their PPA payment obligations. energeticinsurance.com


Enertiv is a prop-tech company that provides data-driven solutions for optimizing maintenance and utilities in office, warehouse, multifamily, industrial and retail real estate portfolios. Their sensors and data-capture fill in the “blind spots” in building operations and continuously track critical equipment, tenant space, and indoor environmental condition to feed operators a stream of actionable insights.  enertiv.com


EnergySage is the industry’s leading online comparison-shopping marketplace for turnkey solar PV systems. Homeowners, businesses and non-profits can easily and quickly request, review and compare quotes online from pre-screened solar installers.  energysage.com

FINsix Corporation

FINsix Corporation, the worldwide leader in VHF power conversion technology (30 to 300MHz switching frequency), is bringing to market highly miniaturized power conversion products that offer excellent performance, high power density and superior reliability.  finsix.com

Leading Edge Equipment Technologies

Leading Edge Equipment Technologies is developing kerfless, single crystal wafer manufacturing technology that enables a projected all-in cost reduction of at least 25% in solar panel manufacturing. This project also supports the production of sample wafers for process development and product demonstration with industry partners.

Leading Edge Equipment Technologies


LineVision is dedicated to helping utilities optimize the performance of the electric power grid by improving transmission line capacity, reliability, and safety through advanced sensors and analytics. Their solution provides utilities with previously unavailable visibility on asset health and safety for optimized performance. LineVision’s turnkey, non-contact, systems can be rapidly deployed without the need for outages, live line work, or specialized equipment. linevision.co

Multisensor Scientific

MultiSensor Scientific has developed an advanced imaging capability for detecting, visualizing & quantifying methane leaks throughout the natural gas supply chainmultisensorscientific.com

Pearl Certification

Pearl Certification provides third-party certification of high-performing homes across the nation: homes with features like solar, energy efficient HVAC, smart home devices, and much more. Through its network effect business model, which drives demand for home improvements and captures value for resale and appraisal, Pearl will transform the residential market by certifying 5% of the US housing stock in five years. The company sells its certification through approved contractor and real estate channel partners, helping to market differentiate and grow these high-quality local businesses. Pearl’s partners include ENERGY STAR, the National Association of Realtors, and the Appraisal Institute. www.pearlcertification.com


PurposeEnergy helps breweries reduce their carbon footprint by treating their organic waste products with a patented anaerobic digestion process to generate energy that supplies most of the brewery’s power needs.  purposeenergy.com

Quidnet Energy

Quidnet Energy is a technology-driven energy company powering the carbon-free electric grid. The company is developing an alternative approach to energy storage by storing water to deliver energy. This new form of sub-surface pumped hydro storage enables large-scale deployment of renewable energy and allows for predictable, dispatchable delivery of power from intermittent renewable energy resources such as solar and wind. Quidnet’s energy system is widely deployable and integrates seamlessly with existing generating facilities. www.quidnetenergy.com


Based in Boston, REsurety dramatically reduces wind volumetric risk from wind projects by brokering a hedge insurance product to guarantee a base level of power generation. The company’s ability to offer this hedge product is based on sophisticated localized and national data analytics developed to assess wind resource risk at a given project site and its relationship with a $10 billion insurance underwriter.  resurety.com


SparkMeter specializes in smart-meter mini-/micro- grid technology designed to bring distributed power to off-grid, rural communities (300 to 30,000+ meter systems) as well as central grid distribution utilities in African and Asian emerging markets.

The company has significant traction in these markets with more than 40,000 meters already installed, a robust pipeline of 100k’s more meters, as well as a strong group of existing investors.  sparkmeter.io



Clean Fiber is launching a breakthrough technology for making high performance cellulose building insulation from recycled materials.  Cellulose insulation outperforms fiberglass and is far less expensive to install than foam, so it continues to gain traction in building markets. Clean Fiber’s unique and patented process allows it to utilize a variety of fiber sources to produce a clean, high performance product at competitive costs. The company is now in production at its first full scale facility in Buffalo, NY. www.cleanfiber.com


Voltserver has developed a digital power solution which enables Telecom Providers to remotely power remote equipment including cellular radios with absolute safety over existing twisted pair communications wiring. This eliminates the need for remote power infrastructure and remote battery backup. Voltserver supports the safe delivery of eight times the power normally available from Power over Ethernet technology, and is UL Approved.  voltserver.com


WeSpire (formerly Practically Green) is a cloud-based SaaS company that helps companies engage people in sustainability and responsibility initiatives with persuasive technology that builds awareness, drives behavior change and measures business results. Its mobile and web platforms empower people to take positive actions at work, at home and in their community. WeSpire recently won the “Best Doing Good Innovation” award from the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX), as well as Environmental Leader’s 2014 Product of the Year. Leading global corporations are leveraging the company’s fully customizable platform to power sustainability engagement programs for their employees and other key stakeholders. WeSpire pairs expert content with proven social and game mechanics to make embracing new habits simpler, faster and more fun.  wespire.com


Zagster is commercializing bikeshare as a service. The company offers a full-service model and next-gen technology that cuts the cost and complexity of planning and operating a bike share program for cities, universities, businesses and real estate complexes. www.zagster.com

Prior Companies

Powerhouse Dynamics

Powerhouse Dynamics provides an Enterprise Energy & Asset Management System to multi-site operators of small commercial facilities, such as restaurant, convenience store, and specialty retail chains.  The system, which combines controls with patented analytics with a unique user experience, reduces energy and equipment maintenance costs and has been shown to pay for itself in under a year in many cases. https://powerhousedynamics.com


In June 2009, eQuilibrium was acquired by EnerNOC, Inc. eQuilibrium’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution enables commercial, institutional, and industrial enterprises to effectively monitor, mitigate, and monetize their carbon footprint through an efficient, comprehensive, and auditable process.


Acquired by Nest Labs in May 2013, and subsequently sold to Google, MyEnergy developed disruptive energy-tracking technology which it leveraged to power the world’s first universal rewards program for saving energy. MyEnergy furnished a free “Mint.com for energy” at myenergy.com that the New York Times called a great way to “squeeze more information out of your utility bill.” MyEnergy technology now powers innovative performance monitoring programs for the U.S. Green Building Council, Virginia’s Energy Sense campaign, and many more.

Pika Energy

Pika Energy was acquired by Generac Holdings, Inc. in April 2019.  Pika is an expert in developing advanced power electronics, software and controls for smart energy storage and management, and their integrated energy storage systems allow users to easily capture, store and use solar energy to reduce energy costs and minimize grid disruptions.  www.pika-energy.com

Solantro Semiconductor Corp.

Acquired by Huada Semiconductor (HDSC) in September 2018, Solantro Semiconductor Corp. was a world leader in module integrated electronic technology for distributed intelligent solar solutions.  Founded in 2009, the company assembled a team of proven entrepreneurs with deep experience in system architecture, semiconductors, power conversion, RF and distributed communications systems.  Solantro worked closely with select visionary partners and customers to fundamentally redefine the manageability, scalability, reliability and economics of grid-tied Solar PV installations through deployment of highly-distributed power system architectures based on solid-state innovations.  solantro.com


VCharge, acquired by OVO in February 2017, developed a proprietary technology platform that changes how electric grids are controlled in preparation for the rapid transition to renewable energy and energy storage, helping to solve the problem of renewables intermittency.  vcharge-energy.com

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